Dr. Norbert A. Wetzel, Princeton, New Jersey USA

Co-founder and Director of Training, The Center for Family, Community, and Social Justice, Inc. www.cfcsj.org
Co-founder and Director, Princeton Family Institute www.princetonfamily.com

Locating Myself
An Introduction

I am a New Jersey licensed psychologist and marriage and family therapist. From 1980 -1991 I was visiting professor at the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology, Rutgers University, specializing in couples and family therapy. I also taught several semesters at Rutgers’ Graduate School of Education and at Princeton Theological Seminary. Previously, I was faculty at the Family Institute of the University of Heidelberg Medical School. Among other books and numerous articles, I have co-authored The First Interview with the Family (Stierlin, et. al., 1980).

Together with the other faculty members, I am currently guiding the Center’s Programs for inner-city youth and their families in NJ.

My conceptual and clinical work is characterized by a strong commitment to social justice with special focus on culture, gender, social class and intergenerational experiences in families. I also seek to strengthen the epistemological foundations for a relational and contextual paradigm in family systems therapy.

I am a charter member of the American Family Therapy Academy (AFTA), and a member of the New Jersey Psychological Association (NJPA). In 2010 I was a recipient of AFTA’s award for “Distinguished Contributions to Social Justice”.

Relationships, Contexts, Community, Justice, and the Others

Published and unpublished Writings on Theory and Practice of Relationship oriented Just Therapy in a World of Individuals

  1. Texts related to the model of relationship and context centered family therapy with children, adolescents and their families as taught and practiced at The Center for Family, Community, and Social Justice, Inc., www.cfcsj.org.
  2. Brief Descriptions and Blog posts about the Process and Practice of Just Couples and Family Therapy. Many of these were originally posted at the website of Princeton Family Institute, www.princetonfamily.com.
  3. Articles and Manuscripts with various topics.

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Newly Posted
Recent Articles

A Tale of Two Epistemologies Part 2

As may be evident from the reflections in part 1, we think, live, and practice in two worldviews or epistemologies, the “scientific” “objective Realism” paradigm and the relational perspectival paradigm. We are more familiar with the former, underlying our not always consciously reflected, “naïve” worldview…